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Massage & Body Treatments

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All prices for massage treatments are based on the length of time that the appointment is booked for.

Prices are:

30 mins   -  £45 - £55
45 mins   -  £55 - £65
60 mins   -  £65 - £75
90 mins   -  £90 - £105

*Myofascial Release: 60 mins - £75

90 mins - £105

The higher prices quoted are for massage treatments taken with an Osteopath or sports therapist to reflect their higher levels of training, expertise and experience.

Why Massages at our clinic are probably better than in any salon or spa in Croydon.


Our aim is for your to receive the best possible massage, individually tailored to you, to meet your needs and requirements.


To ensure that you get the most out of your massage and enjoy your treatment, the massage therapists working from our clinic are all highly trained, qualified, insured, specialist massage therapists, all of which are experienced and have been assesssed by us and are  registered with a professional massage association.


We know, as well as having been told, that there is a big difference between beauty therapists (who have only undertaken a short duration, add on qualification, or a basic massage element in their beauty qualification), to a massage therapist that has had quality specialist training in the treatment being offered, rather than a watered down, short course interpretation.


If you want to know more, read our blog article or feel free to call us, or book an appointment. 

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