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Tui Na & Cupping Therapy
With Tim from Balance Medical Therapy

To Book, contact Tim directly

mentioned The Wellness Therapy Centre

Mobile: 07940 134130



60 mins   -  £60 

Tui Na is a Chinese medical massage with the patient remaining fully clothed and the treatment being delivered through a thin sheet. This offers better traction, deeper penetration and better overall results for the patient.

Developed and practised in hospitals in China for over 4000 years Tui Na combines Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Acupressure. In doing so it increases circulation of blood and Qi (vital energy) encouraging tissue growth and repair, thus facilitating and increasing the body’s own natural healing process.


Benefits of Tuina include

• Speeds up recovery from injury

• Increases mobility and flexibility

• Boosts energy levels and helps prevent injury

• Relieves joint pain and muscle spasms

• Promotes relaxation and sedates the nervous system


Cupping Therapy originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the term applied to a suction technique that utilises glass, plastic or bamboo cups as a suction device which causes the skin and superficial muscle layer to be drawn into the cup.


Cupping is much like the inverse of massage – rather than applying downward pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them upward. In turn, this loosens muscles, encourages blood flow and can disperse stagnation within the body.


Benefits of Cupping Therapy include

• Pain relief in common problematic areas such as back, shoulders, neck and calves.

• General stiffness and tight muscles

• Maintenance of healthy muscles

• Migraine relief

• Relaxation

• Improved Circulation


Available by appointment with Tim.

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