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Body Treatments

Or ring 020 8681 4951

Urban Facial Cleanse  -  £68
Relaxing treatment, completely customised to the person, leaving you skin deeply cleansed and glowing.

Male Collagen Skin Tightening  -  Face £90  (course of 3 £220, coures of 10 £600)
A very safe and effective treatment, which is non-evasive. Great for rejuvenating, lifting and tightening the skin.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment  -  £48

Superb in helping to clear and rejuvenate the back including those hard to reach areas. 

Body Contouring  -  £85 (course of 8 is £420)

For the stomach, back and hips.

RE9 Age Well Eyes  -  £45 


A Vegan Eye mask, that soothes and cools tired, puffy looking eyes, helping to soften fine lines and brightening the look of dark circles. Highly relaxing

Male Hair Waxing Treatment also available as is Permanent Hair Reduction - click on the link to see prices.

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