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IPL/LASER Permanent Hair Reduction 

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The treatment itself is safe, effective and painfree, it is non-invasive, meaning that there is no recovery period needed after treatment. Normal activities may resume immediately after treatment.


To prepare for treatments the area you want treated must be shaved and tan free. We will advise you exactly when you contact us. 

After a thorough consultation and a patch test, you are ready for your treatment.


The area to be treated will be exposed and may be marked with a white eyeliner pencil. You will be given eye protection to wear and then a gel will be applied to your skin, (this allows the light to penetrate through the skin and protect it), which may feel cool on application. The treatment head is then applied to your skin and triggered.
The sensation has frequently been described as being like a warm flick against the skin (although yoyu may not feel it at all). It all depends on the sensitivity of the area being treated and the coarseness and density of the hair.


The treatment head will then be moved to the next section to be worked on. Dependant on the size of the area to be treated, the treatment may take anything from 5-20 mins per area.


After the treatment you will have localised redness in the area treated, and the hair follicles may be raised, although these will subside within a few hours of treatment. The hairs will fall out during the next 2 weeks. After this time any regrowth of hair will relate to the hairs which were in the resting or transitional stage.


On average we recommend between six and eight treatments between 4-6 week apart. However some people may need more than this, which can be due to chemical imbalances in the body, or some hairs being in remission when the area was treated. This can be discussed in more detail with your skin therapist. Following this occasional maintenance treatments are advised.


In between treatments you should refrain from plucking, waxing or threading the hairs in the area to be treated. You can shave the area or use depilatory creams to remove the hair in between treatments.


You must not use sunbeds or gain an ‘active’ tan throughout the course of treatments. You can only be treated 4 weeks before your sun based holiday and 4 weeks after or until the tan has subsided.


You should wear SPF 30+ with UVA and UVB every day during the course of treatments. Avoid using fake tan on the area 10 days prior to treatments; although you can use it 24 hours after the treatment.


You will be given a homecare leaflet at your consultation or after your first treatment, or patch test, to explain what you can and can’t do, other than the main points above. Our consultation and patch tests are free of charge and without obligation. If you would like to arrange one please contact us







Prices - 1 Treatment session


Consultation & Patch Test

Upper Lip or Chin

Upper Lip & Chin 


Full face & neck (female)

Full face, Beard & Neck (male)

Neck (female)

Neck (male)

Full Arms

Half Arms


Full back & Shoulders

Upper back & Shoulders

Chest (female)

Chest (Male)


Chest & Abdomen

Stomach line

Full legs

Upper or Lower legs


Full legs inc/ Bikini

Holiday Bikini

Brazilian or buttocks

Feet or Toes

Feet & Toes

Half Leg & Full Bikini



Upper or Lower Arms 

Courses of 8 treatments for the price of 6 are available and can be paid in instalments.


£   15

£   45

£   70

£   60

£ 120

£ 140

£   60

£   90

£ 150

£ 115

£   90

£ 180

£ 150

£   70

£ 110

£   90

£ 150

£   50

£ 160

£ 130

£   70

£ 190

£   80

£   90

£   45

£   70

£ 180

£   70

£   70

£ 115

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