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Podiatry / Chiropody

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​General Chiropody
During your first consultation a full medical history will need to be taken inline with the guidelines provided by the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC). A discussion will take place to find out any issues or problems you may have with your feet. Assessments may be carried out at this point which will depend on your medical history; this may include a vascular and a neurological assessment. The podiatrist will diagnose and explain any findings and discuss the treatment options to you. A full treatment will be given which may include nail cutting, removal of hard skin and corns, filing areas of dry skin and will conclude with an application of foot cream.  
Biomechanical Assessment
A biomechanical assessment will aim to discover cause of pain or discomfort in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. If this is your first appointment with the podiatrist a full medical history will be taken. The podiatrist will then discuss with you the history of your complaint; how long you have had the pain, can it be linked to an injury, what alleviates the pain, what makes it worse.
A physical examination will then take place, it is a good idea to bring some shorts to change into at this point to give the practitioner a full picture of the way your lower limb moves.
The detailed examination will include a non weight bearing assessment; a weight bearing assessment and a gait (walking and / or running ) analysis.
The practitioner will discuss their findings with you and talk about any treatment options. This may include; footwear advice, stretching exercises or an orthotic/ insole. 


Annual Diabetic Check Up
We will undertake a full assessment of the feet and ankles, including circulatory and neurological testing. The circulatory testing will include temperature, pulses and capillary bed refill tests. While the neurological assessment will include testing of the peripheral nervous system, such as soft touch, sharp / dull, deep tendon reflexes amongst others.



Chiropody New Patient  - 40mins  -  £50

Chiropody Follow Up - 30mins - £40

Verruca and Wart (follow up treatments) - 15-30 mins - £30

Biomechanical Assessment (Initial visit) - 60mins  -  £60

Biomechanical Assessment (follow up) - 30 mins - £30

Annual Diabetic Check up - 60mins  -  £50

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