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On your first appointment, our Osteopaths here at Croydon, will take a thorough consultation, perform an examination and provide appropriate treatment. We allow an hour for this as we believe it is very important to collect all the information, allow time to discuss our diagnosis & treatment options and allowing you to ask questions without being rushed.

The consultation will include your personal details, presenting complaint, lifestyle and a system check, all to ensure we direct the examination correctly and that it is safe to proceed.

The examination may involve you undressing to your underwear (during which time we leave the room), so you may wish to bring a pair of shorts (a towel is provided to protect your modesty, if you require one). It is likely this will include a postural observation, followed by palpation of the area(s) of complaint and surrounding structures. Following this we may ask you to perform some movements relating to the site(s) of complaint and then we will ask you to lay or sit on the couch, so that we can then replicate these movements for you. See the videos section to see what some of these tests may involve.

Further testing may then be carried out if it is deemed necessary, such as active resisted muscle testing, Orthopaedic tests and Neurological tests.

When we have finished, we will discuss our diagnosis and explain the options for treatment to you as well as any possible side or adverse effects of treatment. 

If we are not able to treat you for medical reasons, we may need to refer you at this point.

The treatment itself may include some or all of the techniques / treatments below:

  • Traction,

  • Soft Tissue Treatment (Massage), including Myofascial Release. 

  • Articulations (Gentle Movement of joints) 

  • Oscillations / rocking

  • Stretching

  • Mobilsations / High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrusts (a safe and painless technique that involves gapping a joint, normally with a characteristic cracking sound).

  • Acupuncture (Dry Needling)

  • Taping  - both Fascial RockTaping, Zinc Oxide and EAB

  • Ultrasound

  • Exercise Rehabilitation

As we are all comprised of a variety of tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood, fascia and bone, our osteopaths do more than just a five minute spinal adjustment (crack) all the time (although at times this may be appropriate), unlike some practitioners, as we believe and our patients know, that this has a longer lasting and more profound effect.


Following treatment, we will often give some exercises foy you to do at home, as we believe (and research has shown) that this helps to consolidate the treatment and improve your prognosis.


If you want to bring a chaperone for support or assistance, you are welcome to do so.




1st Treatment - 60-70mins  -  £60
Following Treatments  - 30mins  -  £55

- 45mins  -  £65

Osteopathy with Soft Tissue  -  £80

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