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Skin Cancer early detection

in association with Check for Cancer

A state of the art private skin screening service currently not available on the NHS.


Long term survival rates from skin cancer are improving and increasing all the time but this is dependent on early identification and the implementation of an appropriate treatment pathway designed for the individual.Although for the most part moles are healthy, early detection of the small number that undergo change to melanoma is really important to avoid long term risk to your health.


SkinCheck is a mole screening consultation that will give you a good idea about how to check your skin, and what to look out for, but most importantly you will get a thorough complete skin examination (including your back) to give you peace of mindand ensure early detection of any problems.


SkinCheck involves a 30 minutes consultation comprising:


  1. Complete skin examination using dermoscopy

  2. Tuition in what to look out for

  3. Mole by mole result letter


After the consultation and examination any unusual moles or lesions will be analysed by leading skin specialists who will report back to you with a mole by mole result letter.


Get the facts:


  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK

  • The incidence of melanoma is doubling every 10 years

  • Certain skin types are more at risk of skin cancer

  • Early detection will save lives


Available by appointment with Check for Cancer.

Examination & Diagnostic Tests 

Price available on request

To Book contact Check for Cancer directly by calling 0800 085 6663
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