Testimonials for Marita

P. Madden

​Really helped me out after tweaking my back at work. I was able to book an appointment on the morning that I called and left with an improved range of movement and considerably less pain.

S. Bartsch

​Having suffered pain in my ankle of the last few months, more of a niggle than anything else, I though it was time to get it sorted as I want to get back to running. I met Marita on Saturday who is one of the osteopaths at the Wellness Therapy Centre in Croydon. After a full assessment of the causes behind the pain, she got to work with specific stretches, massage and manipulation techniques. The following day the pain had reduced significantly and I felt more movement in my ankle. I was recommended some specific stretches and I am looking forward to the follow up treatments where the prognosis is good to have this sorted in the next few weeks, finally! Thanks Marita.