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Hair Removal & Reduction

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More effective than IPL, less painful than Laser.


The MPL® energy is directed onto the skin, via the treatment head. The light energy is drawn to the melanin (the colour) within the hair shaft; with the radio frequency energy following, down to the base of the shaft, to deliver extra heat and destroy the hair, preventing the hair from returning.


Because the radio frequency does not heat the epidermis (surface area) of the skin, but penetrates deeper down within the dermis, following the path of least resistance created by the MPL®, the same or better treatment outcomes can be achieved using a lower energy of light emission. 


Because we are able to use a lower energy of MPL® to achieve the desired results (due to the fact that the RF energy is assisting the overall treatment), there is less likelihood that the melanin which is in the skin surface will be overly heated (because MPL® energy heats down from the epidermis whereas RF energy heats electrically from within). This makes it more suitable and safer for darker skinned individuals than traditional IPL systems alone; it also renders the possibility of removing lighter hairs greater. This is because there is less dependence on targeting the melanin in hair to destroy the hair follicle, as the radio frequency simultaneously heats the hair bulge to attack the hair on 2 fronts without raising the temperature of the epidermis. 


Therefore this not only means that the treatment is more comfortable for all skin types, but also means that darker skins can be treated than with IPL. This is because darker skins have higher levels of melanin which gives the skin and the hair it’s colour. 


As we want to target the melanin in the hair whilst avoiding that in the skin, the light energy which passes through the epidermis is at a safe enough level to fully protect the skin, whilst providing enough energy to successfully remove the hair. As we are treating the hair with heat based radio frequency too, which doesn’t target melanin, the dual energies (light from the MPL® and internal heat from the radio frequency), can, easily and comfortably, remove hair for Asian and other dark skin types, along with Caucasian and lighter skins (types 1 to 5 on the Fitzpatrick scale).


IPL alone, would not be able to achieve this on skin types 5, without a risk of causing pigmentary damage, other than by compromising treatment results. 


The MPL® and radio frequency energy sources cauterise the connection between the hair bulb and the dermal papilla, thus stopping all fresh blood supply to the bulb, preventing any new hairs growing. The hair needs to be in the ‘growing stage’ (there are 3 stages of the hair growth cycle) for this to work.


As there are only a proportion of hairs in the growing stage at any point in time (and the growth cycles are of different lengths on varying parts of the body), a course of treatments is necessary to effectively achieve a permanent removal.

Prices for 1 Treatment Session


Upper Lip or Chin

Upper Lip & Chin 


Full face & neck (female)

Full face, Beard & Neck (male)

Neck (female)

Neck (male)

Full back


Full back & Shoulders

Upper back & Shoulders

Chest (female)

Chest (Male)


Chest & Abdomen

Stomach line

Full legs

Upper or Lower legs


Full legs inc/ Bikini

Holiday Bikini

Brazilian or buttocks

Feet or Toes

Feet & Toes


Courses of 6 treatments for the price of 5 are available and can be paid in instalments.


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