Hair Removal & Reduction

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More effective than IPL, less painful than Laser.


We use SkinFirsts Maxi Plus MPL (Multi Pulsed Light) combined with Radio Frequency (RF), the most advanced technology available for permanent hair reduction.


It is more comfortable and safer than a single beam laser; and more effective and suitable for a broader spectrum of individuals than traditional IPL, so we can treat the widest range of skin types without discomfort and with excellent long term results.


The treatment is non-invasive, so there is no recovery period needed after treatment. Normal activities may resume immediately after the hair removal treatment.


We are able to treat most people, if your hair is darker than your skin and, in some cases we can also treat hair that is not as dark as the skin, provided there is some colour in the hair. The combined MPL and RF means that darker skin types can be treated than with IPL alone, but we are not able to treat very dark skin types (type 6).


Provided the hair has some colour in it the treatment will work. Blonde, white and grey hair cannot be treated. 


Generally all areas are suitable for treatment, but for practical reasons it is not possible to to treat some areas, such as the inner nasal area.


MPL® can treat a larger area very quickly by comparison  and we have an additional even larger handpiece for legs and backs to minimise further the time spent.



A patch test is required prior to any treatments being undertaken.


Prices for 1 Treatment Session


Upper Lip or Chin

Upper Lip & Chin 


Full face & neck (female)

Full face, Beard & Neck (male)

Neck (female)

Neck (male)

Full back


Full back & Shoulders

Upper back & Shoulders

Chest (female)

Chest (Male)


Chest & Abdomen

Stomach line

Full legs

Upper or Lower legs


Full legs inc/ Bikini

Holiday Bikini

Brazilian or buttocks

Feet or Toes

Feet & Toes


Courses of 6 treatments for the price of 5 are available and can be paid in instalments.


£ 45

£ 70

£ 60

£ 120

£ 140

£ 60

£ 80

£ 150

£ 90

£ 180

£ 150

£ 60

£ 110

£ 90

£ 150

£ 50

£ 160

£ 130

£ 70

£ 190

£ 80

£ 90

£ 45

£ 70