Inch Loss and Cellulite Reduction

Anti Cellulite CO2 Carboxy Therapy   1hr  -  £70

A scientifically proven powerful and effective treatment that reduces cellulite and sculpts the body. ​It comprises three elements:- exfoliation, CO2 body sculpting and a draining leg massage.

  • Benefits include.

  • Cellulite smoothed and calmed.

  • Impurities removed from the skin.

  • Fat cells destroyed.

  • Brightened, thicker and firmer skin.

  • Inflammation reduced.

The results of clinical trial confirmed a reduction in cellulite of 5.11% after two weeks and 17.18% after 4 weeks.


It is recommended that you have four treatments a month and to also use a home kit during this time.  

G5 Mechanical massage  

Ideal cellulite solution recommended as a course to be used within 1 month.

25mins per treatment  - Course of 8  -  £200 (or £30 each session)

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Croydon, Surrey


phone: 020 8681 4951

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